Zayn Malik prods new music on Twitter after Taylor Swift cooperation for Fifty Shades Darker melody The Independent

“Zayn Malik has teased some new music by soundtracking a dancing dog gif on Twitter.
The former member of One Direction put out his solo debut Mind of Mine in 2016, and followed that with a recent Taylor Swift collaboration for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.
Malik has since uploaded a hint of brand new music and promised that there is “more to come”. u2014 zayn (@zaynmalik) March 7, 2017
Malik’s producer Malay, who worked with the artist on a collaboration with acclaimed Indian composer AR Rahman [Slumdog Millionaire], recently spoke about what they’d been up to in the studio.
“I thought it would be fun to have a platform that was maybe a little less pressure for the artist and then me having the challenge and the fun of creating a new sound.
“The other part of what I’m doing is representing a little bit more of the culture subliminally with Zayn [Malik].
“We’re talking about doing a song with him and AR Rahman together and I’m having Zayn in Urdu. It’s real similar to Hindi but it’s Pakistani language. It’s a modern-sounding song, but for him to sing in that language is kind of powerful.”
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