Zac Efrons Dangerous Crush On Rough Gal Ronda Rousey The National Enquirer

“Zac Efron has a crush on Ronda Rousey, but he may just get crushed if he makes a move on her, insiders exclusively spilled to The National ENQUIRER.
u201cHer boyfriend Travis Browne is also a feared MMA fighter, and heu2019s very protective of Ronda,u201d said an Octagon insider!
u201cZacu2019s had a thing for Ronda for years,u201d a source told The ENQUIRER. u201cHe loves a strong woman, and sheu2019s the ultimate. u201cHeu2019s in awe of her muscle tone and marvels that she hasnu2019t got an ounce of cellulite!u201d
Zac has attended UFC fights, and has pushed his new u201cBaywatchu201d buddy, Dwayne Johnson, to introduce him to the UFC amazon!”

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