Would you need to eat like Tom Brady Hes got a dinner pack SFGate

“Would you want to eat like Tom Brady? He’s got a meal kit
Cindy Crawford has a meal plan. Beyonce and Jay-Z own a meal delivery service. Now New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is offering the average couch potato a chance to train his or her body for peak SuperBowl performance by eating what Tom Brady eats.
On March 7, Purple Carrot a
ounced that it has partnered with Brady’s nutrition company to launch the TB Performance Meals plan starting April 3. (Side note: Does anyone call Brady “TB”?) Purple Carrot, incidentally, is a plant-based meal delivery service cofounded by another celebrity, former New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman.
Of course, Tom Brady has long been known as a notoriously joyless health-conscious eater. A 2016 Boston magazine profile of Allen Campbell, personal chef to Brady and wife model Gisele Bundchen, revealed that the Brady-Bundchen family diet consisted primarily of organic vegetables and whole grains, with splurges on lean meats and wild salmon, putting them firmly in the “Eat to live, don’t live to eat” camp.”

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