Unnatural structures on the moon are confirmation of an outsider base that Nasa is concealing case intrigue scholars Daily Mail

“The images were spotted by controversial alien enthusiasts SecureTeam10
The images were taken by the Nasa Lunar Reco
aissance Orbiter
An ‘alien structure’ has been spotted rising off the surface of the moon, UFO hunters claim.
The disc-like object could be a mobile lunar base for aliens, according to the latest bizarre theory.
The radical claim has been made by controversial UFO cha
el SecureTeam10 who believes Nasa is covering up evidence of aliens.
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Images of an u
atural disc-like shape, pictured, were spotted on the surface of the moon by controversial conspiracy cha
el SecureTeam10
SECURETEAM10 CONTROVERSY SectureTeam10 is one of the most viewed YouTube cha
els, with over 785,000 people subscribing to its conspiracy videos. But the cha
el has come under fire, as Lions Ground, a rival cha
el, claims that it has been intentionally fooling its viewers. According to Lions Ground, SecureTeam10 has been raking in an estimated u00a3600 ($745) a day by posting fake videos that ‘outsmart UFO believers.’ But Lions Ground is not happy about this, and has told The Sun Online that many of SecureTeam10’s videos are damaging to ‘real’ UFO research. The Marbella-based cha
el has produced a series of videos called ‘SecureTeam10 debunked’ calling SecureTeam10’s claims into question. Heathcliff, the owner of Lions Ground, told The Sun Online: ‘He outsmarted the UFO believers and today he drives a fancy car thinking: thank you donkeys.’
The images were taken by the Nasa Lunar Reco
aissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the moon for the last seven years.
The UFO hunters posted a series of photos taken by the satellite which show a disc-like object from different angles.
They have claimed that the unusual structure appears at different points of the moon’s surface, suggesting that the object is moving around.”

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