Tony Romo may be a sprinkle marking yet he wont convey a Super Bowl The Guardian

“For the next few days, the former face of the Dallas Cowboys will tour the NFL looking for his new home. Presumably the only criterion for Tony Romo and the teams who might wish to sign him is a Super Bowl. As if Tony Romo is the difference between a Super Bowl or not.
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There are a lot of reasons why it doesnu2019t make sense for someone to invest in a soon-to-be quarterback who has thrown just 125 passes the last two seasons. Romo has broken a collarbone and his back in the previous two years, and seems increasingly brittle as he gets older. But the biggest Romo issue for the Super Bowl seekers is that nothing in his 13 NFL seasons says he is a Super Bowl quarterback.
He has forever been Novemberu2019s quarterback, putting up gorgeous regular-season statistics only to stumble in the most important games. By now the ledger of Romo failings in the big-game glow is well-known. The fumbled snap on a game-wi
ing field goal in the 2007 playoffs. The interception at the end of a home playoff defeat to New York the next fall. The fateful lob to Dez Bryant that was intercepted late in the last game of the 2012 season costing the Cowboys the NFC East.
In the summer of 2013, I stood on a practice field with one of Romou2019s strongest defenders, a man who loved Romou2019s passion, enthusiasm and football mind. The man raved about his desire and preparation. Nobody, he said, worked harder. Nobody cared more. Nobody tried as much. Then the man was asked about the playoff blunders, the silly mistakes. The man shook his head. His lips tumbled into a sad frown.”

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