The basic reason individuals still utilize Uber in spite of outrages Yahoo Finance

“These days, consumers could list a million reasons to avoid Uber.
The ride-hailing goliath stands accused of promoting its service during a taxi strike, not standing up to the Trump administration, treating its drivers poorly, and having an insensitive CEO, among other scandals. Most recently, itu2019s been accused of condoning sexual harassment and using deceptive tactics to skirt regulators.
This list has pushed the #deleteUber movement into the cultural mainstream and the company has recognized a crisis. Embattled CEO Travis Kalanick is now looking for a COO to assist him.
The alleged injustices perpetrated by Uber, however, may not be enough to outweigh a key quality working in the ride-hailing appu2019s: service.
Being singularly u201cobsessedu201d with the customer instead of merely u201cfocusedu201du2014as the company frequently claims to beu2014may end up taking a toll on workplace culture. But for the customer on the other end, it also means things run extremely smoothly.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick may have created a horrible workplace, but the product is good. Source: AP More
Thatu2019s partly because Uber customers almost always find a car nearby when they fire up the Uber app. In New York City, for example, there are over 40,000 Uber vehicles on the road, compared to only 15,000 Lyft cars. (Yellow taxis number 13,000 full-time cars, but are hailed manually so are not comparable.) For someone with the simple goal of moving from point A to B, Uberu2019s efficiency is hard to beat thanks to its dominance in numbers.”

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