Spring Training Game XIII Venezuela at Royals Review

“It is Wednesday, March 8, the day that Order 66 will officially be given in the baseball world. Salvador Perez and Alcides Escobar have reneged on their commitment to the Royals to play for the Venezuelan national team in the World Baseball Classic.
And as such, that very Venezuelan team will head over to Surprise Stadium this afternoon to take on the team formerly known as the Fighting Ou2019Brienu2019s for a baseball game of seismic proportions.
The Royals will look like this:
The #Royals play host to some familiar faces on Team Venezuela. Ian Ke
edy will get the start. #RoyalsST pic.twitter.com/TenSn6K39M u2014 Kansas City Royals (@Royals) March 8, 2017”

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