Spicer jumbles answer when proceeded Trump and Russia examination The Guardian

“The White House has sown further confusion about Donald Trumpu2019s accusations of wiretapping against his predecessor, Barack Obama.
At a briefing on Wednesday, press secretary Sean Spicer initially said u201cwe need to find outu201d if the president is the subject of an investigation, then subsequently sought to clarify that there is u201cno reasonu201d to believe he is.
Reports emerged on the Heat Street website in November, and the BBC in January, that secret court orders were issued as part of a justice department inquiry into Russian efforts to intervene in the election on Trumpu2019s behalf.
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Asked directly if the president is the target of a counterintelligence investigation, Spicer replied: u201cI think thatu2019s what we need to find out. There was considerable concern last cycle when a reporter was the target of one. But part of the reason we have asked the House and Senate to look into this is because of that.u201d
The reporter that Spicer referred to is presumably Fox Newsu2019s James Rosen, who was investigated by the justice department in 2013 with court order authorisation. Rosenu2019s emails were sca
ed but he has said he was not wiretapped.
Trumpu2019s administration has been dogged by reports of contacts between his associates and Moscow. His national security adviser, Michael Fly
, was forced to resign after giving a misleading account of his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US.
Spicer insisted the suspicions are baseless. u201cIt was interesting if you look at last week all of a sudden these stories that keep coming out about the president and his links to Russia,u201d he said. u201cIt has continued to be the same old, same old, played over and over again. The president has made clear he has no interests in Russia and yet a lot of these stories that come out with respect to that are frankly fake.u201d”

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