Russian appeal hostile in Rostov looks to quiet World Cup fears Sky News

“On match day, there is only place to be in Rostov-on-Don u2013 the cramped but atmospheric Olimp-2 Stadium on the outskirts of town.
It follows then, that supporters of the mighty ‘blue and yellow’ gathered at the ‘Olimp’ before their clash with Manchester United in the UEFA Europa League – but many here wondered whether there would be anyone to cheer against.
There are those – from Manchester and beyond – who think that Russia is just a little bit too dangerous.
Football fans these, who worry about what Russian hooligans could do after the violence in Marseille last summer.
At an Irish pub in the centre of Rostov, we did find a small number of United fans drinking beer and singing songs, but a club official told us that only 80 United fans made the trip from the UK – the smallest number he said, in a long, long time.
Image Caption: Manchester United and Rostov line up before kick-off in their UEFA Europa League tie
The fear of violence was clearly a factor for some.”

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