Paul Ryan guarantees a bloodbath if Republicans dont pass his medicinal services charge TheBlazecom

“House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) agrees with President Donald Trumpu2019s warning last week that there will be a u201cbloodbathu201d in the 2018 midterm elections if the Republicans donu2019t pass an Obamacare replacement bill.
u201cThe president has said there will be a u2018bloodbathu2019 in 2018 if [the American Health Care Act] isnu2019t passed through the House and Senate. Do you agree?u201d CBS Newsu2019 u201cFace the Nationu201d host John Dickerson asked Sunday.
u201cI do believe,u201d Ryan responded, u201cif we donu2019t keep our word to the people who sent us here, yeah.u201d
Trump said 2018 would be u201cbloodbathu201d if AHCA fails. @SpeakerRyan agrees: If we donu2019t keep our word to the people who sent us here, yeah. u2014 Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) March 12, 2017
Last week, the speaker introduced the American Health Care Act, the House GOP-backed bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. Though Ryan has insisted the Republicans will pass the AHCA and White House senior counselor Kellya
e Conway is u201cvery confidentu201d about the lawu2019s future, not every conservative is on board.”

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