Open Letter To Ryan Serhant Re ZillowStreetEasy Inman News Inmancom

“This post is in response to Ryan Serhantu2019s recent Instagram posts.
Hey Ryan,
I am writing this in reference to your recent post on Facebook/Instagram about the new changes at StreetEasy/Zillow. Before I get started, though, I have to preface this whole note with the fact that I respect you a lot.
Obviously, we donu2019t know each other. I am an agent out here in su
y San Diego, and you are a broker/team leader out there in Manhattan.
I think that itu2019s super important to mention that I was writing Zillow-friendly articles back in 2015, so this isnu2019t just me playing devilu2019s advocate to capitalize on the virality of your post.
A post shared by Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) on Mar 5, 2017 at 5:39pm PST
And virality might be an understatement. As Iu2019m writing this, you have thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments, on your Facebook post. It looks like you speak for a lot of our industry on this one.
As for Zillow/StreetEasy, welcome to the party. It looks like theyu2019ve made the changes on StreetEasy in New York City that Zillow has implemented for years across the rest of the country.
For years, when weu2019ve listed a property on Zillow, it would appear to the consumer with three of their u201cPremier Agents,u201d along with our profile as the listing agent (they show four total options).
Unless of course, weu2019re a u201cPremier Agent,u201d in which case we get exclusivity on our listings.
I just did a quick search of an awesome loft unit that I love here in Downtown San Diego, and I actually see the listing brokerage information three different times on the result page (two of them being clickable and leading directly to that listing brokerageu2019s profile).”

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