New observation video of Michael Brown sparkles challenges CNN

“(CNN) New video captured hours before Michael Brown was killed shows the 18-year-old exchanging marijuana for cigarillos with the clerks of a Ferguson, Missouri, store, a documentary director told CNN on Monday.
Director Jason Pollock, whose film “Stranger Fruit” debuted at the South by Southwest festival in Austin over the weekend, said the video shows that Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police and that surveillance footage purporting to show Brown engaged in a robbery at Ferguson Market and Liquor was actually video of Brown returning to the store to retrieve the cigarillos the clerks gave him.
“This is a shady store. We’ve asked a lot of people in this community. You can buy weed at the store,” Pollock said.
Pollock suggests that had this footage been released, it would’ve altered the narrative that Brown was shot after robbing the store. He learned of the footage from a St. Louis County police report that mentioned a video from 1:13 a.m. the day of Brown’s death, he said.
An attorney for the store and its employees is accusing Pollock of editing the video. CNN ca
ot independently confirm the video’s authenticity.
About 100 protesters gathered at the store Sunday night, forcing it to close, and gunshots were heard before midnight, but none of the protesters appeared injured, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. A Ferguson policeman suffered a broken nose when a woman punched him in the face during an arrest, the paper reported.
Dad: Brown ‘not in the wrong’
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Appearing with Brown’s father during an earlier interview, Pollock said, “What this video shows is that (police) lied to the world about what happened. They wanted to make Mike look bad, so they put out half a video to destroy his character in his death.”
Brown’s father said the new video shows his son “was not in the wrong,” and he’d like to see the case reopened. He feels protests might not have turned into violent riots had the police been more forthcoming in the first place, he said.
#MikeBrown Sr sitting down w/ @Stranger_Fruit filmmaker @Jason_Pollock about how the film could help reopen #JusticeForMikeBrown case #sxsw u2014 Artemis Moshtaghian (@ArtemisChats) March 12, 2017
“Maybe the city of Ferguson wouldn’t have gotten tore up like that,” Michael Brown Sr. said. “It’s almost like they asked for it, if you ask me, for not keeping no truth in there.”
Police say the new footage is irrelevant to their investigation. Investigators have previously said Officer Darren Wilson initially stopped Brown for walking in the street , not because the store reported a robbery.
Attorney: Footage manipulated”

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