Naomi Campbell tries to close down bits of gossip about meat with Rihanna u and thoroughly falls flat Metro

“Seems Naomi Campbell and Riha
a are no longer bosom buddies (Pictures: Getty)
Naomi Campbell has basically admitted she and Riha
a are no longer cool in a new interview on a US chat show.
Does this Grammys clip prove Riha
a and Beyonce are actually BFFs?
The British supermodel used to be seen out at di
er with the singer, and they had an online love-in last year when Naomi modeled for Puma to promote Riha
au2019s clothing line.
But seeing as they unfollowed each other on Instagram recently, itu2019s pretty clear something has turned sour.
RiRi and NayNay in Feb 2016 (Picture: Getty)
Luckily Naomi, 46, didnu2019t do a brilliant job at denying this when chatting to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.
And it was priceless.
u2018Everythingu2019s fine,u2019 a very unconvincing Naomi told Cohen when asked about whatu2019s happened between her and 29-year-old Ri. u2018Of course itu2019s fine.u2019”

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