More US states challenge Trump travel boycott BBC News

“Image copyright AP Image caption Ismail Issack embraces his children at JFK airport in New York after the travel ban delayed their reunio
nThree US states have joined Hawaii in a legal challenge against President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban.
Mr Trump signed an executive order placing a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim countries on Monday.
New York maintains the new directive is a ban on Muslims while Washington says it is harmful to the state. Oregon and Massachusetts later also joined.
The ban begins on 16 March, with the White House saying it is “very confident” of wi
ing in court.
Mr Trump’s original order was more expansive but it was defeated after a legal challenge initially mounted by Washington and Mi
What states this time and why?
Oregon – said the order hurts residents, employers, universities health care system and economy
Washington – it has “same illegal motivations as the original” and harms residents, although fewer than the first ban”

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