Modified travel boycott to face first legitimate test as Hawaii claim propels The Guardian

“Donald Trumpu2019s newly revised travel ban is set to face its first legal challenge after a federal judge in Hawaii allowed the stateu2019s attorney general to submit an amended lawsuit previously lodged against the presidentu2019s first, failed ban.
Trumpu2019s new executive order, signed on Monday, bars new visas for people from six Muslim-majority countries and replaces an initial order issued on 27 January, which was chaotically rolled out and subsequently halted by a federal court following a barrage of legal challenges from states and advocate groups across the country.
The new order sought to alleviate some of these complaints by offering exemptions to lawful permanent US residents and current visa holders from the six countries, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Syria and Libya, as well as staggering the timeframe of implementation.
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But the state of Hawaii argues in a proposed amended complaint that the new order remains incompatible with freedom of religion protections in both the state and federal constitutions, would harm the stateu2019s economy and educational institutions, and would prevent Hawaiians with family members in the six targeted countries from reuniting.”

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