Kim Burrell Doesnt Regret Sermon Condemning Homosexuality Saying Position Is Biblical Christian Post

“(Photo: Facebook/Kim Burrell) Kim Burrell, gospel singer and pastor of Love and Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas, preaches in this 2016 photo.
Months after she was vilified in the national media and axed from an appearance on “Ellen” for condemning a “perverted homosexual spirit” being used to embarrass the church, popular gospel singer Kim Burrell says she has “no regrets” preaching against the lifestyle because her position is in line with the Word of God.
“You know, I don’t regret. Some people may ask, ‘do you have any regrets?’ Absolutely not. ‘Are you regretful that the tape got out?’ Absolutely not, because I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation and it is the map, it is the constitution of the believer,” Burrell said in a recent interview with Jerri P. Beasley on “The Keep the Morning Moving Morning Show.”
Burrell came under fire from LGBT advocates after a video clip from a message she preached at her church last December showed her unapologetically calling out late megachurch Pastor Eddie Long and internet personality Andrew Caldwell for embarrassing the church with a “perverted homosexual spirit.”
Caldwell became an internet sensation after a video of him declaring “I’m not gay no more” went viral. Long was senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. For years he lived under a cloud of allegations stemming from lawsuits filed by multiple men who say he engaged them in sexual acts.”

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