Imprison records uncover more about Esteban Santiago presumed Ft WPTVcom

“Six weeks after being booked into the Broward County jail, Esteban Santiago remains on suicide watch, his moves documented every 15 minutes. It’s the kind of round-the-clock monitoring that’s typical for suspects facing murder charges.
According to newly-obtained jail records, Santiago’s days in the county jail are dull, with lots of “lying down” documented, some “pacing” in his cell. He’s also been documented doing his own version of jail cell exercise that has included “push-ups” and “shadow boxing himself.”
Two weeks worth of jail records, between Jan. 7 (the day he was booked) and Jan. 23 show the 26-year-old has attempted to reach out. He’s made calls to Alaska, where he most recently lived and Puerto Rico. But as of a Jan. 20 jail record, both calls were incomplete. At one point Santiago was seen “crying” into the receiver.”

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