How Ariana Grande Amassed Her Million Instagram Followers Vanity Fair

“While Selena Gomez still reigns supreme on Instagram by a wide marginu2014with 112 million followersu2014there is a new No. 2 in town, as pop star Ariana Grande (99.2 million followers) recently edged past Taylor Swift (98.6 million). Grande has, for many years, been a notable social-media force. Like Gomez, she starred on a kidsu2019 television show (Nickelodeonu2019s Victorious), before transitioning into full-fledged mega-pop stardom. She now churns out No. 1 singles, while also juggling fragrance launches, Saturday Night Live hosting gigs, and worldwide tours. She also deals with tabloid rumors and alleged feuds and the other obstacles that emerge when an artist becomes more of a household name.
Grandeu2019s absurd popularity on social media, though, may come as a surprise, even to studious pop-culture observers. Many of the other most-followed individuals on the platformu2014Swift, Beyoncu00e9, Kim Kardashian West, Justin Bieberu2014have greater worldwide name recognition than she does. Grandeu2019s Instagram postings are not spun off into blog items with the same frequency that they are for others; while there is interest in her life, for sure, and while she is one of the pre-eminent pop stars of this era, undoubtedly, itu2019s worth considering what exactly Grande is doing on social media that is co
ecting in the powerful way it is.
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Posting frequently, in flurries.
For one thing, Grande posts a lot. Swiftu2014who, it should be noted, has been laying relatively low recentlyu2014has only posted once on Instagram in the past four weeks. Gomez has only posted three times in the past two weeks. Grande, on the other hand, has shared 13 u2018grams in the past seven days. Often times, she will post multiple versions of the same photograph in a flurry: three shots of herself in the same oversized coat, in sequence; six grainy photos of herself in a yellow sweatshirt; five oddly-cropped photographs of a dog.”

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