How a Craigslist post found me my first occupation at Tesla CNBCcom CNBC

“Not all the responses were as brutal. A couple of people found the time to leave some positive words of encouragement and feedback. A friendly Silicon Valley recruiter even took the time to help out:
I have a buddy who recruits for Google part time. I sent him your resume and I blind CC’d you on it. He’s a good guy, let’s see what he can do for you.
Take care,
Ultimately the recruiter wasn’t able to help out with a role at Google because I had missed the East Coast University recruiting event on Duke’s campus that spring. Lisa suggested I make a few changes to my resume and create a toned down Craigslist post which more specifically stated what kind of job I wanted in Silicon Valley.
At this point, I had moved back home and was in my childhood bedroom. I posted a new ad on Craigslist looking for B2B software sales opportunities. The next several days were spent deleting all the spam rolling in promising to pay me a six-figure income to work at home in my underwear. I also started recalibrating my hopes on jobs in Chicago, closer to my home market.
Finally, on May 28th an email that would dramatically alter the course of my future arrived. I read it while on my way with friends to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game.”

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