Here are the Twitter administrators you have to know Recode

“Over the past three years, Twitter hasnu2019t gone more than a few months at a time without some key executive departing. In that span, itu2019s had two CEOs, three COOs, and has run through nearly half a dozen VPs of product, among others.
That executive carousel was turning particularly fast in 2016. Twitteru2019s heads of product, engineering and media all left on the same day in January. Other VPs followed midyear, and by the end of 2016, COO Adam Bain and CTO Adam Messinger had also a
ounced their departures.
In total, a dozen key VPs and senior executives departed, including 60 percent of Twitteru2019s listed executive team. Itu2019s an issue that has been magnified because Twitteru2019s network is public and departing executives often tweet out goodbyes. Those leaving are easy to spot.
But! That means there are a lot of new faces ru
ing key projects at Twitter these days, some of them new to the company altogether, others simply moving up the ranks. Here are the folks you need to know.
Jack Dorsey, CEO
Dorsey (@jack) is CEO. u2019Nuff said.
Anthony Noto, COO and CFO
Noto (@anthonynoto) is arguably the most important executive at Twitter right now. Heu2019s leading all kinds of teams, including Twitteru2019s livstreaming video efforts.
Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel”

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