HB visa program confronts assault Business Standard

“With the Trump administration seriously mulling visa reforms, at least half a dozen Bills have been tabled in the US House of Representatives and the Senate, contending that the programme that is popular among Indian information technology (IT) firms eats into America
nAuthors of all these Bills from both the Republican and the Democratic parties believe that work visas, which are highly popular among Indian techies and Indian IT companies, tend to replace American workers.
Even though this argument is disputed by research scholars, economists and executives, these legislations are based on the premise that Indian techies are eating into America
nIn less than a week of Trump being sworn in as the 45th US President, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, and Assistant Senate Minority Leader Dick Durbin, introduced the u201c and Reform Actu201d to prioritise American workers and restore fairness in visa programmes for skilled workers.
Grassley is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.”

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