Facebook Instagram No you cannot autoslurp our profiles hack outskirt authorities The Register

“Facebook and its snap-sharing app Instagram have updated their terms and conditions to bar developers from sca
ing profiles for surveillance purposes.
On Friday a report from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showed that border patrol officers had tried automatically sca
ing visa applicants’ social media profiles to catch terrorists. The DHS boffins admitted their software didn’t work properly, and that it was looking for companies to help improve the system.
With all that government contractor cash floating around, development outfits are no doubt gearing up to cash in. But they’ll have to do it without Facebook and Instagram’s data feeds.
“Developers ca
ot ‘use data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance.’ Our goal is to make our policy explicit,” Facebook said.
“Over the past several months we have taken enforcement action against developers who created and marketed tools meant for surveillance, in violation of our existing policies; we want to be sure everyone understands the underlying policy and how to comply.””

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