Dassault supervisor seeks more extensive lodges for future Falcons Flightglobal

“Business jet manufacturer Dassault continues to evaluate the market as it plots the launch of its next clean-sheet aircraft programme.
Although the airframer is revealing few details about which segment it will target with what it calls the u201cfuture Falconu201d, chief executive Eric Trappier has indicated that it will have a wider fuselage than the jets in its current range.
Speaking at a Paris press briefing, Trappier said u201ccabin comfortu201d had become an increasingly u201cimportant trendu201d, led by the bigger aircraft offered by its US rivals.
Dassault is attempting to address this with the 2.58m-wide (102in) cabin of its developmental Falcon 5X, its largest ever, which Trappier says will be the benchmark for future generations of its business jets.”

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