Brexit charge Ministers anticipate that MPs will dismiss changes BBC News

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Ministers believe MPs will reject the two changes made to the Brexit bill in the House of Lords when they debate it for the second time later.
Peers want to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and ensure Parliament has a vote on any deal.
The EU Withdrawal Bill could complete its final stages if both Houses of Parliament agree the text of the bill.
PM Theresa May could then trigger Article 50, which formally starts the Brexit process, as early as Tuesday.
BBC chief political correspondent Vicki Young said she thought it likely that MPs would overturn the Lords’ amendments to the bill, and did not expect peers to try to block the bill any further.
This could mean it is all “done and dusted by midnight” on Monday, she said.
Both the House of Commons and House of Lords will debate and vote on the bill on Monday. MPs will go first, before it is passed to peers to agree or disagree with the decisions made.
The bill travels back and forth between the two chambers until both sides agree.”

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