As Steelers stand pat Browns and Ravens expand lists Pittsburgh PostGazette

“The Steelers hit the free agency ground ru
ing Thursday u2014 kind of like ru
ing in place u2014 while two AFC North Division foes were busy acquiring players and spending gobs of money to do so.
As the 4 p.m. start of the signing period began and other teams quickly swooped up free agents, the Steelers did, too: They signed two of their own, backup quarterback Landry Jones and tight end David Johnson, each to two-year contracts.
The first day of free agency ended as it usually does for the patient Steelers, with no further news of them signing anyone elseu2019s free agents. However, they have scheduled some free agents for visits over the weekend, although names were hard to come by.
In the meantime, division foes Cleveland and Baltimore were busy collecting new players and re-signing some of their own as they try to make up distance on the reigning AFC North champion Steelers. Cinci
ati, though, took a huge blow, losing its best two starting offensive linemen.”

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