Apple recording insights at energizing new iPhone includes at no other time seen on an Apple gadget BGR

“While a majority of Appleu2019s patent filings are little more than a glimpse into the minds of the companyu2019s designers, they occasionally give us an early look at a new feature or improvement coming to the MacBook, iPhone or iPad. That might be the case this week as a newly awarded patent appears to hint at a feature of the upcoming iPhone 8 that has appeared repeatedly in reports from analysts and insiders.
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First discovered by AppleInsider, Appleu2019s patent for u201cEnhanced face detection using depth informationu201d details a new method for face detection that allows a camera to capture a depth map of a scene and detect human faces within that scene. Once a face is detected (or multiple faces), a window is defined for each face and scaled accordingly based on where the window appears in the depth map.”

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