Angelina Jolie was will undoubtedly Brad Pitt by tattoos months before they split Metro

“Angelina Jolie had tattoos to u2018symbolically bind heru2019 to husband Brad Pitt (Picture: Rex/Splash)
Angelina Jolie had three u2018magicalu2019 tattoos inked on her back during a visit to Thailand to u2018bind heru2019 to husband Brad Pitt, months before they split up.
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The pair split back in September last year after twelve years together, but new photos from February 2016 show Angelina being branded with Sak yant tattoos with Brad, suggesting things were pretty rosy just months before.
The tattoos themselves were applied during a break from filming Netflixu2019s First They Killed My Father in Cambodia, with ex Thai monk Ajarn Noo Kanpai applying the symbolic ink to the pair.
Angelina Jolie had three u2018magicalu2019 ink tattoos to u2018bindu2019 her to Brad Pitt months before split (Picture: Splash)
Angelinau2019s three tattoos were applied to her back via a number of steel rods mounted with a surgical needle u2013 a process which is more painful but supposedly more accurate than your regular tattoo gun.”

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