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“President Trump promised to slash government spending and taxes, but also made costly promises for military and infrastructure funding. As preliminary budget proposals leak out, some government agencies are very, very worried. (Je
y Starrs,Danielle Kunitz/The Washington Post)
President Trumpu2019s decision to fill out his White House staff and leave the rest of the executive branch without leadership tells us a lot about his limited business experience. Heu2019s run a family business, a small one which operates on his gut instincts and impulses. Thatu2019s precisely what he recreated in the White House, complete with overlapping power centers where aides duke it out to win his favor. It may not be surprising then that what the Trump administration is lacking is the administration.
The Associated Press reports, for example:
Jim Mattis is not lonely in the Pentagon, but two months into his tenure as secretary of defense not a single political appointee has joined him. The retired Marine general, who took office just hours after President Donald Trump was sworn in, has sparred with the White House over choices for high-priority civilian positions that, while rarely visible to the public, are key to developing and implementing defense policy at home and abroad. When the Obama administration closed shop in January, only one of its top-tier Pentagon political appointees stayed in place u2014 Robert Work, the deputy defense secretary. He agreed to remain until his successor is sworn in. So far no nominee for deputy has been a
ounced, let alone confirmed by the Senate. The administration has a
ounced four nominees for senior Pentagon civilian jobs, and two of those later withdrew. Trumpu2019s nominee to lead the Army, Vincent Viola, withdrew in early February because of financial entanglements, and about three weeks later Philip B. Bilden, the Navy secretary nominee, withdrew for similar reasons. On Tuesday, the White House a
ounced it intends to nominate John J. Sullivan to be the Pentagonu2019s chief lawyer. In January, Trump a
ounced former congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico as his nominee to be Air Force secretary, but he has not submitted the nomination to the Senate.”

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